Sunday, July 10, 2011

Red, White and Black Widow?

Wow- I’m still buzzing about the US Women’s World Cup quarter-final win over Brazil! I think my daughter’s club coach summed it up nicely when he said, “Determination, guts and perseverance!!!”

I’m also still buzzing about the team’s uniforms (or kit as they’re called in the futbol world). First the team wore their white visitor uniforms in pool play and the chat was all about how they looked like nurse’s uniforms. Then for the quarter-final match vs. Brazil they broke out their all black, Black Widow inspired uniforms with red piping.

I’m an avid sports fan and while I get a kick out of it when pro teams wear throw-back uniforms, and I appreciate it when they support a cause by wearing pink or arm bands or special helmet stickers, I have to admit I’m a purist when it comes to the Red, White and Blue uniforms for USA teams. During the Brazil match I kept looking at my TV wondering if I needed to adjust the color a bit because I thought the black uniforms must be a really, really dark navy blue. It wasn’t until the announcer made a comment about how hot they players must be wearing black in the sun that I realized that my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

As a sock printer, I see all sorts of color variations of logos, artwork and even fun filters applied to photos. When I see deviation from typical colors I generally get excited to see how creative people can be and I’m thrilled to apply their creation to a pair of socks. In fact, changing logo colors for special events or to reach a different audience is a trend we’re seeing more and more with our customers. I suppose I’m just a traditionalist when it comes to US athletes sporting red, white and blue! (By the way, I wasn’t a big fan of the US gymnast who wore pink for her individual competition at the Olympics either.)

Of course the “kit” wouldn’t be complete without socks and here I go with my opinion again, but… I would prefer to see USA on the front and the Nike swoosh on the back! Maybe next time the US soccer team orders uniforms they will give sockprints a call and we can create some custom socks just for them in red, white and blue!

What do you think about the US women’s soccer uniforms? Share your comments with us!

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