Wednesday, July 27, 2011


While I’ve never had the “urge”, or probably better stated, “courage” to get a tattoo I’ve always been fascinated by those who have them.  Some tattoos are elaborate with intricate details and colors while others are a simple word or symbol.  All carry significant meaning to the adorned.

I’ve had a few friends get tattoos over the past couple of years and they absolutely love them!  One of my soccer mom friends has three linking hearts on her ankle… one heart for each of her children.  Another friend has the Angel of New Orleans tattoo. 

I love the artwork and creativity behind tattoos, but honestly, I don’t have the guts to get one.  Just so I’m not feeling left out of the tattoo group, I’ve decided that I’m fortunate to have another blank canvas to decorate… yep, socks!  Now I can use those cool tattoo designs I’ve been eye-ing to create some custom socks!  For me, this is the perfect solution.  One day, I can put a design on some no show socks to decorate the top of my feet, another day I can decorate my ankle on some crew socks, and if I’m feeling really crazy I can decorate the entire side of my calf on some knee highs!  Now we are talking!

At Sockprints we’re inspired by a vast array of artwork and we love the creative designs that people come up with to create their custom socks.  Some customers use our design gallery as a starting point to select an image to personalize.  Just like tattoos, some of our in-house designs are extremely detailed with lots of colors while others are simple and waiting for decoration. 

We’ve made it easy for customers to browse our art collection by categories and themes.  If you’re looking for an image to create socks for “him” click on “Guy Design Ideas” or if you’re looking for a way to send a message, click on “Talking Socks.”  There are several other categories and we’re always adding new artwork and categories so check out the design gallery frequently!

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