Monday, April 15, 2013

College Bound Students and Socks!

It’s that time of year when college bound high school seniors receive their acceptance letters from college admissions offices.  It’s exciting to hear where all of the students will be heading in the fall and sockprints has a fun little gift you can create to say “Congrats!”

My daughter is graduating from high school this spring and will be heading to the University of Washington!  We’re all so excited and proud of her accomplishments.  I made these socks for her using a photo that was taken when she signed her letter of intent to play soccer for the women’s team.  It was an awesome day and this photo shows her enthusiasm for what lies ahead.  Now that the photo is on a pair of socks, she’ll remember that day every time she wears them! 

Create your own personalized pair for your college bound student.  Remember that all images must be your property as we are not licensed to print official collegiate logos.

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