Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 13-year-old Boy Sockprints Test

At sockprints we are constantly working to improve our products by testing and researching new markets, conducting test prints, offering new styles and more.  Our latest successful test results came from a group of 13 year old boys at a birthday party.

Our community has a new indoor trampoline park and my son couldn’t wait to have his 13th birthday party there with his friends.  Not knowing much about the venue I called ahead and asked what the participants wore on their feet to jump.  I was told that they wear shoes that they get there and that the boys need to wear socks.  And just like that, I knew what the party favor was going to be!  Yep, how could a sockprints mom give any other party favor?

My son has seen all sorts of socks that we’ve printed and when I asked him how he felt about giving his friends some sockprints, his only concern was that we didn’t print some girly, pink, or bright colors or designs on the socks.  We came up with these socks to give the boys and the feedback I’ve gotten from some of the moms was that they are a hit!  One of the toughest crowds to please gave us the thumbs up!

Here’s a conversation on the car ride home one of the moms shared with me via email putting a BIG smile on my face!    

Luke:  WOW, I love these!  No one ever made me socks before! I wish my mom could make socks!  I love these!  Do you think she can put a logo on it?  These are great! I wish my mom could make socks!

Jonny:  Dude, Hayley can put anything on a sock.

Luke:  Jonny, are you gonna wear your socks to school tomorrow?  I think I'm gonna wear my socks, I love these socks!

Jonny:  Dude, did you feel how soft they are? You can put them on your hands and use them as mittens, except they don't have the thumby things.

Luke:  If I can tie them together I can wear it as a sweat band for soccer...

Jonny:  EWWW.... 

If we can please this crowd, give us a shot for your next party favor, gift or other fun occasion!
Happy Birthday Chase!

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