Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You had me at "Customize"

Perhaps my love for personalized products stems from my childhood when I couldn’t find products with my name on them. Growing up in the 70’s & 80’s the personalized product industry was limited. I envied my friends with names like Angie, Traci, and Judy who were able to get name plates for their bedroom doors, among other fun products. When our family went on road trips I would always check the various gas stations and souvenir shops just in case I found a mini-license plate from that state with my name on it. It wasn’t until college that my craving for something personalized was satisfied when I got a new car and ordered personalized license plates. At last, I could put my name on something!

Times have changed since then and now it’s common for me to meet young women and little girls with my same name. It’s also common now to find a wide variety of products to personalize. When my mompreneur partner and I started sockprints we did our research to see if custom printed socks were being offered. We searched high and low and found custom t-shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs and more, but no personalized socks! We knew we were on to a unique and fresh idea by filling a new product category with custom printed socks. Our socks are so original that we even have a patent pending on the printing process.

Take a look at some recent custom sockprints orders from two of our customers. The first photo shows how our customer, Sandy selected a snowman design from the sockprints gallery and personalized a pair of socks for each gift recipient. What a great holiday gift idea!

This photo shows how our customer customized her own artwork before uploading it to sockprints. This pair of socks features an aspiring singer and showcases artwork for her first cd cover. Carolyn, you’re on your way to fame!

While custom printed socks are our favorite, we still love other personalized products. Some of our other favorite sites for custom products are http://www.zazzle.com/ and http://www.milkorsugar.com/. We like Zazzle so much that we’ve created a Zazzle store, Hearts And Soles, featuring some of our custom artwork. Check it out at www.zazzle.com/HeartsAndSoles. We’re also thrilled to be listed on http://www.milkorsugar.com/ as the only company to offer custom printed socks!

Just like my personalized license plates from long ago, custom printed socks, you complete me!

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