Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Perfect Pair

As I’m sure you can imagine, at a sock printing company we talk a lot about pairs. In addition to our socks, there are several pairs of things that go together contributing to the success of our company. For starters, sockprints was founded by a pair of entrepreneurial soccer moms who had a vision to print images on socks. We paired up my experience in direct-to-garment apparel printing with my partner’s expertise in the hosiery industry and sockprints was founded.

One of the first things we did after we perfected the sock printing process was contact AnaJet, Inc., the manufacturer of my printer. I purchased my AnaJet printer in 2007 to start a t-shirt business and over the years I’d check in from time to time to see what was new at AnaJet. We were excited to share with them another cool product their printer could embellish and one that no one had tried before. We sat down with an AnaJet staff member, showed him our new invention and discussed our plan to share sockprints with the world! Another pair was born! And, talk about a win-win situation… we have it with AnaJet! To create the incredibly detailed and colorful socks at sockprints, we designed our blank socks to work with AnaJet’s AnaBright environmentally friendly, water based inks. Our socks are also specially woven to provide an optimum print surface to take advantage of the millions of colors the AnaJet printer can produce as well as the super fine detail and print registration.

While we’d love to print socks for everyone on the planet, we recognize that’s not totally realistic (even though I like to dream BIG… real BIG). So, in addition to our online retail site for custom printed socks, we offer print-ready blank socks to wholesale customers who own their own direct-to-garment printers. Now AnaJet owners can print on socks too. Our minimums are low and the printing process is easy to learn. It’s just like printing a t-shirt, but now you can print multiple pairs of socks.

AnaJet is a partner in our mission to share sockprints with the world! They have invited us to tag along at several trade shows to demonstrate how socks are a new print medium so customers don’t have to rely on old methods of woven images in socks and embroidery. At the last trade show we attended in Las Vegas, they demonstrated how to create foil prints and even 3-D t-shirt images. What’s next? 3-D sock images? You never know! We’re thrilled to add sockprints to the number of cool things AnaJet printers can decorate and we love working with the people at AnaJet, Inc.
Sockprints and AnaJet make a great pair!

For images of custom socks we've created using our direct-to-garment printer, check out our facebook fan page and photo albums.


Angela Moore said...

I love it Hayley, you ladies have totally tapped into a fun and innovative market! Go feet go!

Jones Morris said...

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