We find there is a lot of thought that goes into the designs and messages submitted by our customers to print on their personalized socks.    Here are some of our favorites!

Putting this order together was a lot of fun!  Thirty-one pairs of socks were printed up for a family
destination wedding to Mauna Kea Hawaii.  Besides the names and date of the big day
a personalization for every family member was printed on the socks. 
A perfect addition to the swag bags found in the hotel rooms!

These fun socks were done for a birthday party at a jump center where the socks were
party favors also worn at the event!  We also used this as a test on a smaller sock
for kids, and it worked out really well.

"Surf's Up Dan" printed on a pair of  men's No Show Socks.
Here is Dan overlooking the Pacific Ocean with his personalized socks on, the perfect gift for
Father's Day!  An avid surfer who is spends most of the day in flip flops finds 
these socks perfect for the days he need to put shoes on!

A roller derby player from the Dakota Dolls of Destruction uploaded her team 

logo and put "I'm Awesome"on the socks because she
had an incident several years ago where she was screaming "I'm awesome!"
and then tripped and dove into the sidewalk.
Now, when she falls playing roller derby, she's "awesome!"  
We also think she is an attorney during the day!

A popular idea is for sports teams to have the team name printed on
the socks with the player's number personalized on each pair!
This was for a high school team going to a tournament in Florida
and they ended up winning the tournment.
We like to think our sockprints had something to do with it!

Last summer we created this sock for a group of families going on
a canoe trip to the Adirondacks.  Each family member recieved a pair and
still have fond memories when they wear them!

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