Monday, August 5, 2013

Personalized Wedding Socks

This spring we received an order from a bride-to-be for some personalized wedding socks.  They turned out exceptionally fun, so we sent the customer an email asking if we could post photos of her socks on The Happy Sole and our other social media sites.  She replied that she created the socks to wear on the day of her wedding.  She would be wearing cowboy boots with her wedding dress and during the reception they would be playing the “Shoe Game.”  Since she would be taking off her shoes she wanted to wear some cute, personalized socks! 

Unfamiliar with the shoe game, I did a little research to find out how it works.  After dinner and some dancing at the reception, two chairs are placed in the middle of the dance floor back to back for the bride and groom.  The couple takes off their shoes, gives one of them to their partner and keeps one.  A designated person then asks the couple a series of questions about them (i.e. – Who is the better kisser?  Who is smarter?  Who will be doing the cooking?).  After each question, the bride and groom holds up the shoe of the person that they think best answers the question.  What a fun way for wedding guests to learn more about the newlyweds!


Thank you to Mrs. Dudley for sharing your wedding photos with us, and congratulations!  Your story is sure to inspire other brides!

To create your own personalized socks, visit and check out our custom wedding socks pre-designed for the bride and groom at SockprintsOnEtsy!

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