Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Get Crafty!

Hey happy soles, are you crafty souls too?  March is National Craft Month and we thought we’d share some fun ways to get crafty with sockprints! 

Bling – How does that song go? “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling.”  Well I for one think that adding some bling is a cool way to dazzle apparel.  We have several images in our design gallery that can be embellished with rhinestones here and there to take our already great designs to a new level.  It’s easy to create your socks online and as soon as they arrive at your door go ahead and add some bling!  Loose rhinestones are available at your local craft store and they can easily be applied with a heat press, special applicator tool, or hot iron.  Check the instructions on the label of your rhinestone package for the best results.


Scanner  – Now here’s an idea, take your children’s artwork or latest craft project and scan it for an instant image to upload to create personalized socks.  Actually, any craft project that you can lay flat on a scanner bed can make innovative designs for socks.  Here are some additional ideas… scrapbook pages (or sections of one), pressed flowers, kid’s hand and footprints, and handwritten notes. 

Photo socks – We’ve shared this idea before and based on the number of customers who use their own photos to create custom socks, we know it’s a winner!  If you’re into photography, custom socks are a nice way to show off your favorite pictures.  Some photos say it all with a simple crop here and there to fit the printing area on our socks.  Adding text and borders is another way to enhance your creation.  If you use Photoshop or similar photo software try applying filters and swapping colors to create a new image. 
By the way, the print area for our no show and crew socks is 3.25” x 4”, 3.25” x 5.5” for sporty knee highs, and 3.25” x 8” for the basic knee high.  Some other suggestions include avoiding shadows and dark colors, and note we print on a soft surface, not photo paper.

So celebrate National Craft Month by creating custom socks!  We’ll be looking for your imaginative and crafty sock creations as we print your orders this month.  If you have a craft idea that you are planning to do with your socks once they arrive, please share it with us by adding a note to your order at checkout.  Happy crafting!

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