Monday, December 5, 2011

5 Great Custom Sock Gift Ideas!

Everyone's looking for perfect gifts this holiday season and sockprints has a few ideas to help complete your shopping list! 

1.   Custom Coach Socks - Say thank you to your coaches for a great season or simply wish them Season's Greetings.  Using the sockprints online design gallery, it’s easy to select an image representing your sport and customize it with your coach’s name and your team name. 

2.  Naughty or Nice Socks – “He knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake!” How about wearing a pair of “naughty” socks on a bad day and on a good day, put on a pair of “nice” socks?  And for those days when you want some leeway, create your own custom “naughty and nice” variation socks!  We think these are really fun for the holiday season. 

3.  Group gifts – Are you looking for that special gift for friends in your book club, bunco group, bowling team, or other organization?  Personalize each pair of socks with your friend’s names.  They’re sure to be a hit!  We have some ready-to-customize bunco, book club and bowling artwork in our design gallery.


4.   Business socks – We’ve printed lots and lots of socks with company logos on them.  They’re a perfect way to say thank you to your customers and to keep your brand on their minds.

5.   Party favors – Everyone loves a great take-home gift and custom socks are a fun way for guests to remember your hospitality!  Take a peek at these “mistletoe” socks I created for our family Christmas party last year.

Share a custom sock gift giving idea with us by leaving a comment below and your idea may inspire a sock sample to share online with our followers and facebook fans!

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