Tuesday, June 7, 2011

T-ball to College Softball -- Custom Socks for All!

The month of June plays host for many events: graduations, Father’s Day, first day of summer, and one of my favorites… the Women’s College World Series. This year, the Arizona State Sun Devils face the Florida Gators in the finals and I’m watching (and calling) every pitch on my television. I could never be an umpire behind the plate, but I think I’m pretty good at calling balls and strikes from my couch!

I played softball growing up and have many fond memories associated with the sport. I had some great coaches and teammates, and am grateful for the support my parents gave me as they schlepped me to practice, games, and tournaments all over the place.

Before my daughter made the decision to exclusively play soccer, we spent many hours on the softball diamond together. I signed up to be a t-ball coach with a couple mom-friends when our daughters were in Kindergarten. We decided to take on the baseball dads coaching the other girl’s teams in the league. It was a great decision, because I had an awesome 8-year, girl’s fast pitch coaching run. We made it to the league finals a couple of times, won a league championship, an all-star district championship, and took that all-star team to nationals finishing 7th. Not bad for a bunch of girls (ha-ha!)!

We (girls) know how to get it done. At our t-ball practices we had 4-5 moms at different coaching stations as we had a lot to cover: throwing, catching, fielding, and hitting. The first half of the t-ball season the little girls hit the ball off the tee, but during the second half they started by hitting off a coach’s pitch. Teaching the girls to hit a moving target proved to be a challenge for the 5 year olds so I concocted a hitting gizmo made out of a sock (how ironic), a ball and a long stick to help them hit. Oh the things we come up with!

Speaking of ingenuity, that’s exactly what we’ve done at sockprints; we’ve taken an apparel item everyone uses to a whole new level! No more boring, plain white socks because custom printed socks are now an option thanks to the cleverness of two moms (yep- patting ourselves on the back right now). Our combined experience in the hosiery industry and apparel printing has brought a fun, unique item to the marketplace. Our original idea may not have happened on the softball diamond, but it did come on the sidelines of a soccer field. We love sports and our first sock creations were made for our daughters’ soccer team.

Some custom sports socks we’ve printed include golf, tennis, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, volleyball and… softball! Whatever your sport may be, our custom socks are sure to be a hit!


For our softball fans out there, take this opportunity to enter our contest. We’re giving away 1 dozen custom printed socks for one lucky girl’s softball team. They’re perfect for upcoming summer tournaments to show off your team’s logo, name or players! Enter now by signing up to follow our blog, The Happy Sole, and leave a comment below with your softball team’s name and where you’re from. You can also receive additional entries when you sockprints on facebook and follow us on twitter!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hayley! Great contest. Sign up the Mizuno Pride 98 team...
Chris Buff

Aron Dawson said...

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Valerie J. Apodaca said...

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Md Nahidul Huda said...

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Sunil Singh said...

Softball is my favorite game. i don't know but it gives me enthusiasm every time i play it..loves softball

HILARY said...

Oh that ‘s great. You did a really good job.

Nick Cartoons said...

Wow, always wanted custom socks just for myself.


Keith Adams said...

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