Thursday, October 21, 2010

The One That Got Away...

Whether it’s an old love, a big fish that came off the hook, a wild pitch, or a sock that was somehow lost in the wash making your favorite pair incomplete, we all have “the one that got away.”

As I’ve been thinking about this I realized what an advantage it is to be able to create 3 customized pairs of no show or crew socks at one time at sockprints. Just in case you happen to fall victim of the dryer abyss (by the way -- I blame it on the dryer, not the washer) and you lose one of your socks, you still have some spare socks to make your pair complete!

One of the cool things about the sockprints design tool is that you can upload your own artwork or customize one of the images in the sockprints design gallery. If you want 3 different designs on 3 different pairs of socks, no problem! Or, if you want all of your socks to match with the same design, no problem! Each pair of socks starts as a blank canvas for you to personalize.

Whether you want knee high designer socks, novelty, athletic, sporty socks or anything else, sockprints is the answer. We have perfected the direct to garment printing techniques that produce fun and unique socks! Get as creative as you like knowing that just in case you happen to lose a sock, you can always create more at sockprints. No more fretting about the “one that got away…”

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