Thursday, August 19, 2010

Express Yourself

One of my all-time favorite songs is Express Yourself by Madonna (yes, I went to high school and college in the 80’s) and whenever I hear it, I sing, dance and smile! I’ve even had a moment on an airplane when the song came on and I broke out in song and dance. I’m sure I made an impression that my girlfriends on the plane will never forget!

What on earth does the song, Express Yourself, have to do with sockprints and The Happy Sole?

The title, Express Yourself, is exactly what our customers get to do on socks. We have a design gallery where customers can select images and customize to their heart’s content. Customers can also upload their own images or simply write some fun text to have printed on their favorite style. Think, “express yourself" on a new blank canvas… socks.

The song, Express Yourself, is about female empowerment and never going for “second best.” At sockprints we’re thrilled that we’re “the one, the only” online custom sock printing company doing what we do. We know we’re not “second best” because we’re the “only best.”

Like Madonna, I believe at sockprints we’re trendsetters. It started with a conversation I had with another mom on the sideline of our daughter’s soccer game. I’ve been in the t-shirt printing business and she’s been in the hosiery business for a number of years. She asked if I thought I could print on socks. After printing some test socks for the team and receiving a great response from the players, we knew we were onto something new and exciting.

Our company is always looking for new ways to make sockprints better and our latest enhancement will be launched in the next couple of weeks. We’ll be introducing a new website where customers can preview their custom socks prior to purchasing them. We’re very excited about this improvement!

Just like having a favorite pair of jeans or sweatshirt, I have a favorite pair of custom printed socks. I’ll have to put them on and dance to my favorite song! The joy I feel when I hear Express Yourself and the great memories I have associated with it makes this Happy Sole a very happy soul!

-Hayley Mullin (Madonna wannabe)
photo taken at my husband's retro b-day party 2003

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