Friday, April 8, 2016

Introducing Pet-Photo-Socks-of-the-Week!

Pet Photo Socks! Some of our most popular custom printed socks are photos of our customer’s pets. So, we came up with a brilliant idea to create sockprints Pet-Photo-Socks-of-the-Week to post our favorites!

Our first Pet-Photo-Socks-of-the-Week are of lucky dog, Chuck! 

The customer who created these socks shared with us,My wife is a sock fanatic and we love our rescue Chuck so I had to get her a few pairs with his happy face on it. She loved them so much this is actually my second order that is going to be one of her second wedding anniversary gifts (cotton!).”

We love hearing rescue stories, seeing pet photos and appreciate Chuck’s owner for sharing it with us. Happy second anniversary too! ❤️

Create your own at and your pet could be featured next! Plus you'll receive a bonus discount off your next order!

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