Sunday, October 6, 2013

Care Package Club

Care Package Club        

A good friend told me about how she gets together about once a month with a group of moms to put together care packages to send to their daughters while they are away at college.  Thinking what a great idea this was, I invited some friends to do the same thing.  It’s a fun way to keep in touch with friends and send our girls some love in the mail! 

There are about 8 of us who have committed to taking turns throughout the academic year to host the monthly event and set the theme for the care packages.  I hosted the first gathering and our theme was, “There’s no place like home” or “home town favorites.”   Our group’s guidelines are simple; each mom purchases 8 of the same item (one for each college girl) and brings them to our monthly meeting.  We assembled 8 flat rate USPS shipping boxes and we put one of our items in each box.  Each college girl gets the same care package shipped to her unless her mom adds a little something extra for her.

We didn’t tell our daughters that we were doing this and we all shipped our packages at the same time.  The girls were surprised and so appreciative to receive their care packages.  We had a blast reporting to one another how excited our daughters were when they received them!

Since I’m aka Sock Lady, the care packages wouldn’t have been complete without a custom printed pair of socks for each girl.  I created a simple word art collage to remind them of HOME and personalized them with each girl’s name.   They are adorable and I just might have to make some for the moms next!

 The Care Package Club - Moms in Action!

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