Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We have another clever sockprints customer to thank for taking us back down high school memory lane and bringing us this custom sock idea… Prom invitation socks!

Prom Invitations - We have a great time coming up with inventive things  to print on our socks and we’re always thrilled to see new custom sock ideas from our customers.  One customer came up with a fun way to ask his date to the prom.   He created a set of 3 no show socks.  The first pair popped the question and the second and third pairs could be worn to show her response.  Very clever!

Prom Party Favors - If you’re on the prom planning committee, how about offering attendees custom socks to commemorate the event?  Tired feet will love to slip off high heels and slide into the comfort of a pair of sockprints on the dance floor.  We have sock styles for girls and boys and your high school or prom logo will look great on them.

After Prom Remembrance –When the party is over and you’ve looked at your prom pictures, upload a few to sockprints and create some prom memory socks.  Order a set for your date to say, “Thank you” or make some for yourself to remember that occasion.

Retro Prom - The sample socks below are from the most recent prom I went to a few years ago.  That’s right, a few years ago.  Not 20-something years ago like a few of my friends might think I’m mentioning.  Some family members hosted a retro-prom party one New Year’s eve and we had a blast dressing up in our retro prom attire, taking pictures and voting for prom king and queen.  I’m pleased to say that although the voting is still disputed amongst family, my husband and I won the prom king and queen contest! 

If we had sockprints back at our retro prom party I would have printed a pair of socks for each couple with their prom picture on it for them.  We still get a good laugh every time we see these photos and having them on personalized socks would be a great way to reminisce about that night.

We’re running a special PROMotion this spring for 25% off your custom sock order.  Enter PROM12 at checkout to receive your discount.  

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