Sunday, May 16, 2010

What are Kick "A#$" Sport Socks?

As sockprints develops our sock customizing e-boutique, we love the response and reaction we are getting when people see the printed socks. All kinds of ideas start coming out of them, and who would have thought anyone would get excited about socks? It really is a great way to print all kinds of designs, and we use the same type of special printer used for other apparel items, so we can get amazing detail on the socks.

A couple weeks ago we decided to start developing collections of ready-to-sell printed socks that are unique, meaningful,and a little "out of the box". The first selection is geared toward a group we know very well - teen girls who play competitive sports. These athletes are fun loving, smart, and experiencing so many life lessons while being part of a team. We also know firsthand they can have an attitude which actually works well when playing a competitive sport.

Our Kick "A#$" sport socks originated as a recent request from our teen athletes who have a passion for their sport of choice (soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball) and wanted fun socks to wear to practice and hanging out with friends. When a discussion came up about what is really said to each other in the game day huddle the overwhelming response was, "Let's go kick A--". Naturally we thought it wouldn't be appropriate to spell out certain words on the socks, but have left little to the imagination.

These knee high sport socks are available as a two pair set along with a friendlier "peace, love" design for $22.00/set, and through the month of May you can take an additional 20% off as special introduction to our new product line.

When we showed the printed socks to the girls, we got the squeal of approval. Check them out at

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