Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fore! Look Out Golf Industry - Custom Printed Socks are Here!

The handsome guy (yes, I'm biased!) second one from the left, is my dad back in the 1960’s at a golf tournament. I love that picture of my dad because it shows him in his element – on a golf course. He gave me my very first job at The Country Club fixing ball marks on greens when I was 12 years old. In the wee early morning hours I would go from green to green fixing the wounds in the grass that the ball makes when it lands. While most golfers fixed their own ball marks, there were apparently enough golfers who didn’t fix them, thus providing me with a job! I walked around the green with a special fork-shaped tool scouring it foot by foot to make sure that I had fixed each mark before I moved on to the next green. After fixing a billion (ok, exaggerating perhaps) ball marks, I was promoted to raking sand traps and a whole host of other jobs keeping the golf course in pristine shape summer after summer. As a kid I didn’t recognize what a great job it was, but in hindsight I appreciate the opportunity I had to be outdoors on a golf course, around a great sport on a daily basis. I even learned how to play!

Many years later, this soccer mom/sockprints entrepreneur had the opportunity to revisit my golf roots at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida with The Winston Collection. Sockprints has recently partnered with The Winston Collection, a respected name in quality durable goods, to exclusively distribute our custom printed socks to the golf industry. The Winston Collection features premium leather products perfect for gifts and branded merchandise for golf shops. We were thrilled when the Winston partners saw our socks and expressed an interest in adding sockprints to their custom line of products!

The feedback we received at PGA Merchandise Show was great! Sockprints makes impressive gifts for Member/Guest events and golf tournaments as well as custom socks bearing club logos for golf shops. For more information regarding our exclusive line of golf socks or to place an order for your next event, visit The Winston Collection at http://www.winston-collection.com/ or contact a sales representative at service@winston-collection.com.

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