Sunday, January 17, 2016

Custom Printed Team Socks – Volleyball

If you’re familiar with our beginnings, sockprints was founded on the sidelines of a soccer field by my business partner and me when our daughters were on the same club soccer team a few years ago. Our first pairs of socks we printed were for the girls on the team and when the socks were a hit we knew we were on to something!

Since our soccer days we have printed socks for all kinds of team sports: basketball, football, lacrosse, tennis, wrestling, and more. Our ability to customize each sock in the pair makes what we do so incredibly unique. For example, we can print team socks with a mascot on one sock and a player name and number on the other sock. All kinds of combinations are available!

My daughter is off to college and now it’s my son’s turn for club sports. His passion is volleyball and we thought his team should enjoy some custom printed socks too. My son’s coach gave us the club logo and we got to work. They look great on the court and our ½ cushion crew sock is perfect for performance.

Let us create custom printed and personalized socks for your team! Ask us about fundraising campaigns too! Send us an email or visit us online

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