Thursday, April 4, 2013

New - Facebook and Instagram Photo Tool at Sockprints!

We are excited to announce that we just added a really cool feature to!  Our customers can now use photos from their Facebook and Instagram accounts to design and personalize their own custom socks!

The process is as simple as adding an image from our design gallery, but instead of selecting artwork from our store, you click on the Facebook or Instagram link and icon.  You will need to login to your account and then your photos will appear!  Click on a photo for starters and then use one of the other design tools to create your socks.  You can add a filter, a boarder, and some text too.  The possibilities are endless!

This new feature is a great addition for customers to use when creating personalized socks.  Many customers use their personal photos and having quick access to them via Facebook and Instagram will enhance their sock designing experience.

We were so excited with the new improvement to our online design tool that we had to create some socks using our own Facebook and Instagram photos.   

My son and I are LA Kings fans and we posted
 this picture for our friends on Facebook
I'm guilty of taking pictures of my
spoiled cat and posting them on Instagram!

We hope you will take advantage of this new addition to sockprints and have fun making your own personalized sockprints!

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Layne Adams said...

Hi there! this is such a fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing. Cheers!

- The print instagram photos