Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cheers to Friends - Old and New!

I recently learned on Facebook that it’s Old Friends, New Friends Week (May 15-20). I promise I don’t get all of my news on Facebook, but I do enjoy hearing about the latest happenings from friends old and new through that social network. I joined Facebook a couple of years ago and was amazed at how much fun it was to reconnect with childhood friends, high school friends, college friends and sorority sisters, neighbors, work colleagues and many others.

I’ve seen some pretty fun photos from years and years ago on Facebook. The memories those photos bring back of good times are always just a quick login and a few clicks away. Since many of our sockprints customers upload photos to create custom socks I’ve been thinking about finding some of my favorite photos with my best friends to put on a pair for myself!

A group of my very best friends who have kept in touch over the years with and without Facebook are my sorority sisters from college. In fact some of the first pairs of custom socks that we printed were for a sorority sister’s baby shower. Each guest received a fun pair of socks as a party favor. After the baby shower I started to think about how great our custom socks would have been for our sorority back when we were in college. We could have had custom socks for Bid Day, Big & Little Sister events, Greek Week and more. We explored Greek Licensing and we’re thrilled that we have launched a special sockprints site dedicated to custom sorority socks. If you haven’t seen the new site, you’ve got to check it out

Just as my personal Facebook friend list has increased over the past couple of years as I continue to connect and reconnect with people, so has the number of fans or “likes” we’ve gotten on our sockprints Facebook page! It’s very cool to watch the number of people on Facebook check out what we do and click the “like” button! We’re very appreciative of our old friends and we welcome our new friends to explore what we’re doing to provide custom socks for happy soles! Click here to “like” us!

Cheers to Friends - Old and New!

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