Monday, February 21, 2011

Cookies + Socks = A Perfect Pair

It’s cookie time and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Thin mints, Do-si-does, Samoa’s… yum!

One of the many hats I've worn as a mom over the years is that of a Girl Scout leader. When my daughter was in elementary school three other moms and I volunteered to take on the leader roles for her troop. As a girl scout myself growing up, I was excited for my daughter to experience all the things the girl scouts offer: meetings, camps, cookie sales, and earning badges. As a young girl I loved checking out my scout badge book looking through the requirements to add another badge to my sash.

My feelings about the badge requirements changed one day while the three other leaders and I met to plan which badge the girls would work toward next. As we were looking through the list of badges we came across a requirement that asked for an "old girl scout" to come to a meeting and share her scouting experience as a young girl. Not being from the area we live in, I wondered where I could find an “old scout” to come to our next meeting. Suddenly, and without pause the 3 other leaders looked directly at me. They found the "old girl scout" they needed to help complete the badge requirement! Funny, at the time I didn't see myself that way, but the shoe fit and I was the "old girl scout!"

So, this old (actually I prefer the term “experienced”) scout, was inspired after placing my cookie order this season to create some socks especially for scouts!

How about adding some cute scout images and your troop number to some knee highs? Your troop will be a hit wearing custom socks at your next neighborhood activity.

Is your scout troop going camping? Personalize multiple pairs of socks with each camper's name on them. There will be no question about whose socks belong to who!

Check out our design gallery for ready-to-customize scout images! We've created a special scout folder just for these fun designs. Click here to see more scout images.

If you're looking for more inspiration and a fun activity for your troop. Check out a project we did a few months ago on our YouTube channel While you don't have to do hand and footprints, you can scan any artwork your troop creates and then upload to sockprints for a fun new craft project!


Thank you Ellie for my Thin Mints!

Old Girl Scout...

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