Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sports Moms

What makes a mom a “sports mom”? On most weekends throughout the year sports moms rise prior to dawn and go to sleep well after dusk making sure the gas tank is full, water bottles packed, the alarm set, and directions to the sport venue printed out. Now, the idea of a “soccer mom” or a “sports mom” is a pretty amusing stereotype that teenage and young adult women like to joke about, saying that they will never become one. The transformation, however, from a single, fun-loving and free-spirited twenty-something to the thirty-something sports mom is pretty much inevitable. That’s not to say that every parent pushes their kids into sports and that’s not to say that every kid must be involved in sports; chess club is perfectly fine too. What defines a sports mom is something truly unique and special. She is the mother who enrolls her kids in every sports clinic possible over the summer, buys the best equipment, and has a tendency to coach from the sidelines (whether this “assistance” is welcome or not). While supporting the rest of the team, she has eyes on only one player, hoping her child doesn’t get injured or make a costly mistake while in the game, or stressing out when they are sitting on the bench wondering what is wrong with the coach. Sport moms’ support, protect and defend their child when it comes to their sport, and kids learn that discipline, teamwork, and practice pay off, sometimes at a very early age. These are personality traits that spill over into all aspects of a child’s life.

As a daughter of one of these sports moms, I am beyond thankful for the drive that she instilled in me. She supported me in so many sports I now play ranging from soccer to swimming. Although I stopped playing organized, competitive sports in high school, every day for years I have been very active. I attribute this to her. And even more, as the older sister of an ardent club soccer player, I have been able to watch not only her play, but also observe the many personalities of the sports moms from the sidelines. I have been provided some great opportunities to apply my psychology studies on these parents during the games. It is pretty entertaining and funny. I think a reality show, “Real Soccer Moms of Southern California” might not be a bad idea!

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Hayley said...

As a "sports mom" it's always nice to hear that our efforts both on and off the sidelines are appreciated by our kids! I think you're also on to a fun new reality tv show concept... Who knows? It could happen!