Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer of Color

Over the past few months we have been watching the lifeguard stations along our beaches transform into a  large public art project called "Summer of Color", installed by Portraits of Hope.  We love the ideas behind this project, and for the complete story be sure to go to their link.

There are 156 LA County lifeguard stations from Malibu to Palos Verdes that have been "customized" with 52,000 hand painted, brightly colored panels for the walls and rooftops of the towers with over 8,000 volunteers participating in this project.  The exhibit will be on display through October, and when it is over, many of the panels will be shipped to Haiti for temporary shelters.

We are inspired to share this very cool project.  Here are some pictures we took:

This is the ultimate way of customizing and we thank artist Ed Massey for his incredible vision.  Also, if you want to see an exhibit of Ed's fine art, you should check out the lobby at the Casa del Mar hotel in Santa Monica through July 31st.  Happened to be there last week for a meeting, and it was a pleasant surprise!

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