Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why Personalize Clothing??

Have you ever wanted to give someone special something really unique? Personalized gifts are the growing trend to make your next occasion – whether it is an elaborate event such as a wedding or graduation, or your child’s end of the year soccer party – that much more special. Technology has allowed companies to make personalizing gifts and clothing easier and less expensive than ever!

The new entrant into this expanding world, Sockprints, is sure to start its own trend by further customizing personalized customized gifts. Sockprints is a new web-based sock printing business that allows anyone to upload a design or photo and have it printed on a variety of sock styles. It’s personal, fun and easy!

So, the question is: why would people personalize gifts and more specifically, socks? First off, you can give someone you care about a gift that is truly unique and will be like nothing they have ever, or will ever, receive from anyone else. You can let your creative juices flow and show this person you are thinking about what he or she would appreciate. It comes from the heart. You and the recipient of your gift are both attached to this gift! Second, personalized products are great for mass producing presents for a sports team or company apparel. You can combine everyone’s ideas and create a design that looks awesome and enhances unity.

Now, onto socks. People love socks: comfy ones, knee high ones, athletic ones, and the more colorful and unique the socks are, the more fun they are to wear. Printing your own image onto socks is something completely new to the clothing world; thus, Sockprints is sure to bust into the market with more than a kickstart.

Another thing, some people may not put a picture of their dog on their t-shirt for the whole world to see, but maybe if it was slightly concealed on a sock, they would do it in a heartbeat! Then, when he or she removes their shoes at home, the dog’s smiling face pops up and puts a smile on his owner’s face! Or would a soccer or baseball mom wear a shirt that necessarily reads this “branding” (ok, to be nice, it’s a “title”)? That depends. But maybe on socks, she’d be happy to!

Visit www.sockprints.com and see how Sockprints can add your graphics, logos, and photos to high quality socks and bring happiness to your life and your feet.

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